Mexico: blind population


arma_de_distraccion_masivaMass media has an interesting role in every society. Mass media has the power to transmit information in a way that may change society. In Mexico, mass media has an enormous influence not only over the population but also affecting politics.

Mass media in Mexico is not only about news or programs related to politics; it also includes shows that have a direct influence over the system of beliefs among Mexicans. I started talking about mass media with some Mexicans, after doing it, the answer was almost the same: mass media in Mexico modifies reality and shows certain circumstances that are a ”dream” and not exactly the real situation of the population.

When you take into account that mass media in Mexico is used to entertain the population, it is easily observed that mass media focuses on mainstream topics that mainly entertain the population and drive it away from the topics that affect the future. The press has a certain fear of the authority and does not dare to transmit sensitive subjects, and when it does it, the press has to face obscure consequences.

Violence, raw information and vane entertainment is Mexico’s daily bread. The result? Having a population that looks at murderers and criminals like something normal as well as having dumb entertainment as the basis of their lives.

The main portion of Mexico’s population (it is important to stress that it is not all Mexican population), looks at violence as part of their lives and uses reality shows as an example instead of trying to analyze the reality. Mexico is a country with many opportunities but it is currently doomed with a blind population that seeks for entertainment instead of trying to look for a solution.

María Rivadeneira


8 responses to “Mexico: blind population

  1. journalists should not fear the government – they shoud take the officals accountable for all its decisions…
    btw. – one commnent on stylistics – you used too many times the word “mass media”, try to avoid it,

  2. Mari, I liked your blog. I found very interesting what you mention about illustrating a dream or some kind of stereotypes in mexican media because is true. I also agree about that mexican media is more focused in entertaiment than inform the people. love they way you explain it so clear and brief 🙂

  3. My favorite part was the lat paragraph, nevertheless I liked it all, because you didn’t fall into the abysm, as Nietzsche would say, when you looked at it. You know that the government are not the only guilty, society is also, and obviously for this article, the newspapers.

  4. While I was reading your blog, which I loved the way you handle that part of the blame is society, came to my mind the song “a que le tiras cuando sueñas mexicano” it’s about Mexican’s naive dreams,

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